Certificate of Stock Reported (CSR) - Certifies that a motor vehicle or its component has already been reported by its manufacturer, assembler, or importer to MAIDRS. This is a document to be presented to the PNP-HPG for clearance.

Documentary Requirements

1. Stock Report (in hard and soft copies)
2. Stencils of Engine and/or Chassis
3. Certificate of Conformity (DENR)
4. Import Entry & Internal Revenue Declaration
5. Bill of Lading
6. Packing List
7. Certificate of Payment


1. Evaluator receives soft and hard copies of stock report, evaluates and uploads records;
2. Scanning clerk scans supporting documents and stencil images;
3. Input/Output Controllers checks and validates the scanned images against the uploaded records;
4. Approving officer approves/disapproves the report
5. Supply Officer prepares Payment Order Slip for approved reports or Rejection Letter for disapproved reports;
6. Cashier accepts payment and prints the Official Receipt (OR)
7. Supply Officer prints the Certificate of Stock Reported (CSR)
8. Records Officer files copy of CSR