Application for Duplicate Plates for Private and For Hire Motor Vehicle


  • Affidavit of Loss Plate duly notarized executed by owner/operator/authorized representative
  • Certified true copies of the Official Receipt (OR) and Certificate of Registration (CR) of the motor vehicle The presentation of the original copies should be mandatory for purposes of authentication.
  • Photocopy of the Deed of Sale if the affidavit is executed by the buyer the registered
  • Motor Vehicle Inspection Center (MVIC) Report (if in Metro Manila) Motor Vehicle Inspection Report (if in the Regions)
  • Clearance from the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) - if in Metro Manila
  • A Board Resolution and Secretary’s Certificate stating the person authorized to sign for and in behalf of the Corporation (if the OR/CR is under the name of the company)


  1. The registered owner/operator/authorized representative shall proceed to the following for verification of pending apprehension/s of motor vehicle (if there is any):
    a. Law Enforcement Service (LES) Plate Releasing Unit (if in Metro Manila)
    b. Anti-Smoke Belching Unit (ASBU), Traffic Safety Division – for smoke-belching apprehensions (if in Metro Manila)
    c. Operations Division (if in the Regions)
  2. If there is no pending apprehension/s, the applicant shall proceed to the Law Enforcement Clearance Unit to file an LES Certification/Clearance.
    If there is pending apprehension/s, the applicant shall proceed to the Traffic Adjudication Service (TAS) to settle the apprehension/s. After the settlement of apprehension/s, the owner/operator/authorized representative may return to the LES Clearance Unit for theCertification/Clearance.
  3. Pay the Certification/Clearance fee at the Cashier.
  4. Return to the LES Clearance Unit to obtain the printed Certification/Clearance. Upon securing the LES Certification/Clearance, the applicant shall proceed to the Motor Vehicle Inspection Center (MVIC) for the inspection of his motor vehicle. After the completion of the requirements, the owner/operator/authorized representative shall file his application in the LTO District Office which originally issued the motor vehicle license plate/s.

However, in case the owner/operator had changed residence or the motor vehicle had alreadybeen sold or transferred to a new owner who is residing in a place far away from the initial registering agency, the application can be filed in the LTO District Office nearest his place of residence or place of abode.

If the application filed in an LTO District Office is different from the original registering agency, the process of confirmation of the fact of the issuance of the said license plate and the exact alphanumeric should be strictly followed.

Note: No application for duplicate plate shall be processed without the required request for confirmation and the official reply from the original issuing agency. If only one (1) piece of the license plate is lost, the other one should be surrendered to the LTO District Office where the application is filed.

If both plates were lost, the same should be stated in the Affidavit of Loss and supported by a certification from the LTO motor vehicle inspector of the fact that at the time of inspection, both plates were not attached to the motor vehicle duly approved by the District Head.


Law Enforcement Service (LES) Clearance Unit, LTO Central Office, East Avenue Q.C.
LTO National Capital Region (NCR) – Operations Division
Other LTO Regional Offices – Operations Division
Any LTO District Office