• Temporary Operator's Permit (TOP) - pink copy

    Note: If TOP was lost, secure an Affidavit of Loss TOP

  • Resolution and/or Judgement from the Traffic Adjudication Service (TAS)
  • Official Receipt of payment of fines and penalties
  • Certificate of Attendance - Seminar/Examination
  • Other pertinent documents certification such as photocopy of Official receipt (OR) and Certificate of Registration (CR).


  1. Present the issued TOP (pink copy) together with all other pertinent documents to the Evaluator
  2. "Notice of Hearing" duly signed by the Hearing Officer, shall be issued to the driver/operator indicating the date and time (Schedule) og the "Hearing".

    Note: Summons shall be served to the apprehending afficer at least three (3) days before the scheduled hearing.

  3. The driver / operator shall present sufficient documentary evidence/s to warrant the dismissal of the violation/s listed in the TOP during the Hearing,

    Note: Release Plate/s without  Fine

    If the violation/s specified in the TOP was dismissed by the Hearing Officer, the driver shall proceed to Step 5.

  4. After the Hearing/Adjudication process, the driver/operator shall pay the corresponding fines and penalties indicated in the "Resolution" and/or "Judgment" at the Cashier.
  5. Proceed to the Lae Wnforcement Custodial Section (LECS) / Releasing Officer to redeem the confiscated driver's license. He shall submit the following documents:

    a. Temporary Operator's Permit (TOP) - pink copy
    b. Resolution/Judgment
    c. Official Receipt of payment of fines and penalties
    d. Certificate of Attendance (Seminar/Exam result) - if the violation commited was a running/moving violation

    Note: If the violation comitted was a running violation such as but not limited to Disregarding Traffic Sign (DTS), Reckless, Obstruction, Illegal Parking, etc., proceed to the Road Safety Training Seminar, Traffic Safety Division / Seminar Room to attend a seminar and undergo a written examination prior to the release of the confiscated driver's license. Only those who passed the said examination will be issued a "Certificate of Attendance" which is required in the redemption of the confiscated driver's license.

    e. Other pertinent documents such as photocopy of OR and CR


  • LTO Central Office (Main Office) - Traffic Adjudication Service (TAS)
  • LTO National Capital Region (NCR) - Operations Division
  • Other LTO Regional Offices - Operations DIvision
  • Any LTO District Office - if apprehended in other Regions