In accordance with Republic Act No. 4136, otherwise known as the Land Transportation and Traffic Code, as amended, the following rules and regulation providing for a five-year validity of driver's licenses and conductor's licenses are hereby promulgated.

Section 1.     Five-Year Validity

                      Non-professional driver's licenses, professional driver's licenses and conductor's licenses shall be valid and effective for five (5) consecutive years reckoned from the birthdate of the licensee, unless sooner revoked or suspended.

Section 2.     Requirements

                      Documentary requirements shall be in accordance with existing rules and regulations governing the issuance of driver's licenses and conductor's licenses.

Section 3.     Procedure

                      Existing procedures for the issuance of non-professional driver's licenses, professional driver's licenses and conductor's licenses shall be followed.
                      In case new driver's and conductor's license cards are unavailable, the old/expired driver's and conductor's license card shall remain in the possession of the licensee which shall be valid until the issuance of the new card. The validity period thereof shall be indicated in the Official Receipt.

Section 4.     Fees and Charges

                      4.1 New License

                            Application Fee          - P100.00

                            Computer Fee            - P 67.63

                            License Fee               - P 585.00

                            Computer Fee           - P 67.63

                      4.2 Renewal

                             License Fee              - P 585.00

                             Computer Fee           - P 67.63

                      4.3  Other License Fees

                              Other license fees shall be base under Deparment Order No. 2008-38 dated 26 August 2008 "Revised Schedule of LTO Administrative Fees and Charges on Driver's License/Conductor's Permit" and Department Order No. 2011-01 "Addendum/Amendments to Deparment Order No. 2008-38" dated 24 November 2010.

                     4.4 All the foregoing fees and charges are non-refundable.

Section 5.    Repealing Clause

                     All previous orders, circulars and other issuance inconsistent with the provisions hereof are hereby superseded, repealed or amended accordingly.

Section 6.     Effectivity - This Administrative Order shall take effect fifteen (15) days after its publication in a newspaper of general circulation and after filing three (3) copies thereof with Office of the National Administrative Register, U.P. Law Center.


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