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TextLTO, a mobile query facility, enables the public to inquire about requirement for various LTO transactions by texting "LTOHELP" to 2600; this service number applies to all mobile networks. A set of keywords guides users toward their desired transactions

LTO New Non Pro              Requirements for new Non Professional Driver’s License
LTO Renew Non Pro Requirements for renewal of Non Professional Driver’s License
LTO New Student Requirements for new Student Permit
LTO New Reg Private Procedures on new registration of private vehicles
LTO Renew Reg Private Procedures on renewal of registration of Private Vehicles
LTO Vehicle<Plate Number> Inquiries regarding motor vehicles details (e.g. pending alarms, apprehensions, last registration date, make, color, year, etc.)
LTO Complaint PUV <Plate No.> <Complaint> Complaints regarding for hire motor vehicle/s






About Stradcom


The LTO IT Project is the Philippines’ first government IT project to be implemented under the Build-Own-Operate (BOO) Scheme provided for by RA 7718 (BOT Law).  It covers the development of an integrated IT System that will interconnect LTO Offices nationwide, integrate its critical business processes and enable online transaction processing. STRADCOM Corporation was awarded the Contract to provide these services to LTO for a concession period of ten (10) years.

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