1. My plate number is MGE 123 when will I register? 

You will register your vehicle on the 1st week of March.  For further clarification of motor vehicle registration schedule, the last digit of the plate number determines the registration month and the middle digit indicates the weekly deadline, presented as follows:



Last Digit of Plate Number (Monthly Schedule)

Middle Digit

of Plate Number

Weekly Deadline 

(On Working Days of the Month)

1 - January

2 - February

3 - March

4 - April

5 - May

6 - June

7 - July

8 - August

9 - September

0 - October




1 2 3


4 5 6


7 8


9 0



For motorcycle plate, use the 3rd digit



1 2 3 4 5 6 7


8 9 10 11 12 13 14


15 16 17 18 19 20 21


22 up to the last day of the month


Motor vehicle registration may be renewed one (1) month before, but not later than the last working day of the week  indicated by the middle digit of the plate number.

 2. What if I want to change my motor vehicle plate, is it possible? 

No, change of plate number is not allowed. Under Batas Pambansa Blg. 43: An Act Providing Number Plates to Owners of Motor Vehicles and Trailers, Amending for the Purpose Section Seventeen of Republic Act Numbered Forty-One Hundred and Thirty-Six, specifically Section 1, Sec. 17, the identification and letters of any motor vehicle number plate shall be permanently assigned to such motor vehicle during its lifetime. The only acceptable change in plate assignment is when a change in denomination is transacted/effected, i.e. from a private vehicle to for-hire or government to private, etc. 

3. My 1st registration was at LTO Makati, can I transfer my next registration at Caloocan D.O.? 

Yes, you can transfer the registration of your motor vehicle  at LTO Caloocan D.O.  or to any LTO D.O. most convenient or accessible to you.  There will be an additional Php100.00 charge for Change of Venue (CV) of your vehicle registration. 

4. How much is the fine for a late registration? 

There is a weekly fine for late registration of Php200.00.  And for a month delayed of payment, the fine shall become 50% of the MVUC.

5. I want to buy a second hand motor vehicle. How can I be sure that the OR & CR are genuine? 

Have both the Certificate of Registration (CR) and Official Receipt (OR) verified for its authenticity at the L.T.O. Property Section, East Avenue, Quezon City ED.

6. What is an Originating District Office? What is a Transacting District Office?

An Originating District Office is the LTO office  where the first/initial registration  of a motor vehicle together with all the mandatory documentary requirements was effected/transacted.  The transacting District Office is where you presently registered/transacted the renewal or miscellaneous transactions of  your Motor Vehicle.

7. Where can I report if I became a victim of hit and run?

You can report to a police assigned in the area where the incident took place.

8. How can I verify the details of a motor vehicle?

Verification may be done at any online L.T.O. District Office.  However, as part of the continuing efforts of our Office to ensure the integrity and security of information relating to motor vehicle ownership and details thereof, any and all such requests from private individuals/entities shall be coursed through the Office of the LTO Assistant Secretary for approval.

9. What are the requirements and procedures needed in obtaining duplicate CR/OR? 

Initially, you need to secure a notarized affidavit of loss CR/OR. Secondly, you have to go to your Originating District Office and present the said affidavit of loss. You will also be required to present 2 valid IDs for identification purposes. The Originating District Office shall be the one to issue you a duplicate CR/OR. Click here for any additional requirements.

10. What are the requirements and procedures needed in obtaining duplicate plate and replacement of lost sticker? 

The requirements for duplicate plate/replacement of stickers are the following:


  • Original Affidavit of loss / mutilation
  • Certified True Copy of CR / Original CR
  • Certified True Copy of OR/Original OR of latest payment of MVUC and other fees
  • Duly accomplished and approved Motor Vehicle Inspection Report (MVIR)
  • Proof of Payment (OR) for the cost of replacement plate / duplicate plate / lost sticker
  • (In case of For Hire MVs ) Certification from LTFRB that plates have not been surrendered
  • (In case of sole proprietorship) Secretary’s Certificate in case of MV is in the name of a corporation or DTI certificate
  • PNP-HPG clearance






1. Where can we apply vanity plate?

All motorists may apply for the vanity plates at the MID-Computer Section, LTO, East Avenue, Quezon City or at any LTO Regional (RO)/District Offices (DO) nationwide. Click this link to apply for vanity plate.

2. What documents do I need to secure a VLP for my motor vehicle?

 The following are the requirements for securing a VLP:

      • Duly Accomplished Application form (Request for Vanity Plate)
      • Photocopy of Certificate of Registration (CR) of motor vehicle
      • Photocopy of the latest Official Receipt (OR) of Registration

3. What types of vanity plates are available and how much do they cost?

There are two (2) categories namely; Premium Edition (Php 25,000.00) and Select Edition (10,000.00). For additional information please visit our website, http://www.lto.gov.ph

4. Can I give the vanity as gift?

Yes, provided that the recipient of the gift is a registered owner of a motor vehicle.

5. How long does it take to secure my VLP?

Assuming that all documentations are in order and after your payment is received, a fifteen (15)-working days within Metro Manila. In the provinces, it might take a little longer.

6. I bought a new motor vehicle but not yet issued a license plate, can I avail of the vanity plate?

No, vanity plate can only be issued to a motorist with a registered motor vehicle already issued to a regular LTO license plate.

7. Can I reserve my preferred vanity plate? 

Yes, a payment of Php 1,000.00 shall be collected as reservation fee valid for only 30 days. If unclaimed after 30 days, the said amount will be subject to forfeiture in favor of the government.

8. Is VLP exempted from the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) number coding scheme?

No, the number coding scheme in Metro Manila shall also be imposed to the regular license plate no. where the VLP is attached.

9. What vehicles are eligible for the VLP Program?

 The following classes of motor vehicles under the four (4) wheel category duly registered with the LTO shall be eligible to avail of the program:

 9.1. Existing motor vehicles

      • Cars
      • Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV)
      • Vintage and Collectors
      • Asian Utility Vehicle (UAV)
      • Sports pick up

 9.2. New motor vehicles

      • Cars
      • Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV)
      • Vintage and Collectors
      • Asian Utility Vehicle (UAV)
      • Sports pick up

10. In the event that a vanity plate is lost, how can I get a replacement?

 In case of lost VLP, a duplicate VLP will be issued as a replacement upon submission of the following:

      • Sworn Affidavit of Loss
      • Law Enforcement and Traffic Adjudication System (LETAS) Alarm Report
      • Police report
      • Original Official Receipt (OR) on payment of the lost VLP
      • Original VLPt Certificate of Title
      • Photocopy of Certificate of Registration (CR) of Motor Vehicle
      • Photocopy of the latest OR of Registration


10.1. Submit the above documents to the Secretariat, Bids and Awards (BAC) Committee, LTO, East Avenue, Quezon City 

10.2. If request is approved, pay the applicable fees and charges to the Treasury Section

10.3. Proceed to the MID-Computer Section for transmittal to the Administrative Division

 Note: Duplicate vanity plate shall only be allowed once

11. What is the prerequisite for securing a vanity plate?

The private motor vehicle must already have a regular LTO license plate

12. How many VLP and VLP stickers will I receive, and how do I place the VLP and stickers on my vehicle?

You will receive only one (1) VLP that will be installed at the space allotted for the rear license plate of the motor vehicle and one (1) sticker that will be installed at the upper right hand corner of the inside rear windshield of the motor vehicle.

13. Can I transfer my VLP to another vehicle? If yes, how will I do it? How much it will cost me?

Yes, you may apply for transfer of VLP to another vehicle subject to the given processes and rules of issuance and the related fees. The procedure on the transfer of VLP to another vehicle is the following:

 13.1. Prepare a letter-request for transfer to the LTO Chairman, Bids & Awards Committee (BAC) on Vanity License Plates together with the original Certificate of VLP Title and photocopy of Official Receipt (OR) and Certificate of Registration (CR)

 13.2. Proceed to MID-Computer Section, LTO, East Avenue, Quezon City for plate verification

 13.3. Submit the above-mentioned documents to the Secretariat of the BAC on Vanity License Plates Program

 13.4. Wait for the resolution of the same Committee on your request

 13.5. If approved, pay the processing fee of Php 210.00 for transfer

 13.6. Return the approved application together with the supporting documents to MID-Computer Section

14. When I sell my vehicle does the VLP remain in the vehicle?

You may opt to remain or remove your VLP upon sale of the motor vehicle as long as transfer of VLP shall be done with LTO.

15. Can a foreigner acquire or secure a vanity plate for souvenir? 

No, the issuance of vanity plates is limited only in the Philippines and can only be issued to a motorist with a duly registered motor vehicle.

16. If I still have a commemorative plate, can I avail of the Vanity plate?

If you did not disclose that you have a valid commemorative plate and you install your vanity plate at the rear of the motor vehicle as prescribed, your vanity plate and commemorative plate might be confiscated and a fine will be imposed if caught.

1. How can I renew my Driver’s License if I’m out of the country?

 LTO accepts driver’s license renewals while abroad. Administrative Order (AO)  No. 88-002 dated 08 November 1988 entitled: “Validating the Expired Driver’s License of Overseas Workers” provides the following requirements and procedure to wit:

 1.1 Photocopies of Passport (first page, visa-page & departure page-indicating the date of last departure in the Phil. & date of last arrival overseas);

 1.2. Letter of Authority to authorized representative;

 1.3. Photo-copy of driver’s license and driver’s license receipt (DLR), if available; 

 1.4. Venues are:

 (a) LTO, License Section Central Office – within National Capital Region

 (b) Any LTO District Offices / Licensing Centers – Outside Metro Manila

 1.5. The driver’s license shall be validated by issuing a driver’s license receipt (DLR) which will serve as temporary driver’s license (TDL);

 1.6. The license shall present himself/herself within thirty (30) days upon arrival to the same office where the renewal was made for photo-taking and to submit the following;

 (a) driver’s license

 (b) drug-test result

 (c) medical certificate

 (d) photo-copy of passport

 1.7. Fees:

 Non-Professional - P 350.00

 Professional - P 350.00

 Penalties (1 year) (2 years) (3 years)

 Non-Professional - P 75.00 P 150.00 P 225.00

 Professional - P 75.00 P 150.00 P 225.00

Please take note however, that such DLR issued to you is acceptable to Automotive Association of the Philippine (AAP), a private company which caters the issuance of International Driving Permit located at #683 Aurora Blvd., QC, For more details, you may call at this no. (02) 723-08-08.

2.  I have a valid foreign driver’s license. Can I use it in the Philippines?

Yes, 90 days from date of arrival.

3. Can I convert my foreign driver’s license into Philippine driver’s license?

Yes. If valid, no exams. If expired subject to written / practical exams.

4. I had a Philippine driver’s license before I went abroad. Could I still use it upon arrival in the Philippines? Which license am I going to use? My foreign driver’s license or any Philippine driver’s license?

 If both are valid, you can use any of the two driver’s license. Chapter III, Sec. 21 of the Republic Act (RA) 4136, otherwise known as the “Land Transportation and Traffic Code” states that:. “Bonafide tourists and similar transients who are duly licensed to operate motor vehicles in their respective countries may be allowed to operate during but not after (90) days of their sojourn in the Philippines.” 

Nothing in this article shall be construed to prohibit the licensee for an option to convert valid foreign driver’s license to Philippine driver’s license within the period of inety (90) days from the date of his last arrival in the Philippines. However, if the foreign driver’s license is not written in English, such driver’s license should always be accompanied by an Official English translation issued by the Local Embassy of the issuing country. This is necessary in order to avoid cialis side effects. Memorandum Circular (MC) No. 495-2004 date 24 February 2004 entitled “Amendments to EMA-MC-01366 dated 09 October 2001 Re: “Revised Guidelines on Conversion of Foreign Driver’s Into Philippine Driver’s License” provides the following requirements and procedure, to wit:

 4.1. Original and 1 (one) photocopy of valid foreign license. If the foreign driver’s license in not in English Language, the applicant should submit an official English translation from the local Embassy of the issuing Country;

 4.2. Original and machine copy of a valid passport showing the latest date of arrival in the Philipp ines of the foreign applicant;

 4.3. Original and machine copy of valid visa or Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) if the foreign applicant temporarily resides in the Philippines;

 4.4. Original copy of Medical Certificate issued by an LTO accredited or government physician;

 4.5. Original copy of drug test result issued by DOH Accredited Drug Testing Center;

 4.6. If, foreign license is expired, applicant shall undergo written and practical examinations;

 4.7. Fees: Non-Professional

 License Fee - P 350.00

 Application Fee - P 100.00

 Conversion Fee – P 100.00

 Computer Fee - P 67.63

 TOTAL - P 617.63

 4.8. Venue: LTO, Main Office, East Ave., QC, or any LTO District Offices / Licensing Centers nationwide.

 4.9. Restriction Code is limited to “1” (motorcycle/motorized tricycles) & “2” (motor vehicles up to 4500 kgs. GVW) only.  Valid or not, if a foreign driver’s license is converted into Professional driver’s license, an applicant is required to undergo a written and practical examinations. An applicant must present proof as to why there is a need to secure a Professional driver’s license, such as:

 4.9.1. Venue: If an applicant is hired as a company employee, the following documents must be presented:

 (a) Original copy of Police / NBI / Court Clearance issued from the area of residence;

 (b) Original and machine copy of Certificate of Employment from local employer or foreign employer in the Philippines;

 (c) Original and machine copy valid working visa issued by the Bureau of Immigration or valid working permit issued by the Department of labor and Employment.

 4.9.2. Venue: If the applicant operates his or her own business, the following documents must be presented:

 (a) Original copy of Police / NBI / Court Clearance issued from the area of residence;

 (b) Original and machine copy of Investment Permit duly issued by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) or Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) if the foreign applicant operates his own business;

 (c) Original and machine copy of certificate of registration and current official receipt of payment if there is a need to operate a motor vehicle classified as “Heavy”. The said vehicle must be the one used as the test drive vehicle during the actual examination and therefore shall determine the appropriate restriction thereof;

 4.9.3. Fees: Professional

 License Fee - P 350.00

 Application Fee - P 100.00

 Conversion Fee - P 100.00

 Computer Fee - P 67.63

TOTAL -P 617.63

 Please take note that Professional driver’s license holder allows all types/classifications of motor vehicles specified in the reverse side of the Philippine driver’s license card, however, written & practical examination according to type/classification of motor vehicle being applied for.

5. If ever the driver’s license is lost, what are the requirements and procedures in acquiring one?

 The following are the requirements and procedures to wit:

 5.1. Affidavit of Loss;

 5.2. Law Enforcement Clearance, LTO-Regional Office ( if the application is outside Metro Manila);

5.3. Filing of Certification of License Records-LTO, License Section, East Ave. QC / any LTO Agency.

5.4.Duplicate and renewal (if the driver’s license is renewable) of driver’s license at the LTO – Agency, transact anywhere if previously automated. Please take note that the renewal of driver’s license is simultaneous with the application of duplicate driver’s license. Licensing Fees varies, it depends on the expiry date & the date of application with LTO.

6. I want to get an International Driver’s License. What are the requirements and procedures, and where am I going to apply?

 With reference to your query, may we refer you to Automotive Association of the Philippines (AAP) located at 683 Aurora Blvd., QC with tel. no. (02) 723-08-08 for more details.

7. I’m currently out of the country and I would like to request for copies of my driver’s license records in the Philippines. How can I obtain this?

 With reference to your query, hereunder is the requirements & procedures to wit:

 7.1. The authorized representative here in the Philippines may file your written request at LTO, License Section, W -10, East Avenue, QC;

 7.2. Certification Fee is P100.00;

 7.3. State your purpose;

 7.4. For easy reference, please include in your request complete name, birthday, and driver’s license no., if available.

 7.5. Certification is being issued by mail or through representative (due to issuance of Official Receipts and use of Security papers for authentication purposes).


1. Where can we apply OMVSP?

All motorists may apply for the OMVSP at the MID-Computer Section, LTO, Central Office, East Avenue, Quezon City or at any Regional (RO)/District Offices (DO). Click here to apply for OMVSP.

2.  What are the types of OMVSP and how much will my plate cost?

You may choose from any of the following pricing schemes: Any triple alpha and non-triple alpha + two (2) numeric character combinations 01-99, shall cost Twenty Five Thousand Pesos (Php25,000.00) inclusive of the handling charge by the authorized LTO courier.


AAA 01 ARL 08 LRM 99

Any triple alpha and non-triple alpha + numeric character 100, shall cost Fifteen Thousand Pesos (Php15,000.00) inclusive of the handling charge by the authorized LTO courier.


GMA 100 BBB 100 PAC 100

3. How long can we secure the vanity plate?

 Assuming that all documentations are in order, a seven (7) working days within Metro Manila. In the provinces it might take a little longer.

4. Is OMVSP exempted from the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) number coding scheme?

No, the current number coding scheme of MMDA shall also apply to OMVSP since it is considered as a regular plate. 

5. What are the documentary requirements for securing OMVSP?

The following documentary requirements must be attached to the duly accomplished application form (Request for Optional Motor Vehicle Plates):

5.1.Certified true copy of the Official Receipt (OR)/Certificate of Registration (CR), issued by the TDO

5.2.Certification by the TDO that no plates have been issued to the motor vehicle together with the official receipt of payment of certification fee 

5.3.Certified true copy of the OR of payment for the plates ordered, by the Cashier and Noted by the District Head or Regional Director (applicable to Central Office “CO” applicants only)

5.4.Sales Invoice (in lieu of other documents to authenticate year model or to determine whether motor vehicle is brand new)

6. What vehicles are covered by the OMVSP Program?

The following types of brand new motor vehicles shall be covered for issuance of motor vehicle special license plates:

      • Cars
      • Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV)
      • Asian Utility Vehicles (AUV)
      • Sports Pick-up
      • Commuter Vans

 The following motor vehicle types shall be excluded from the coverage of those which can be issued special plates:

      • Public utility Vehicles
      • Cargo Trucks (private/for hire)
      • Service vehicle (hotel, limousines, tourist vehicles, rent-a-car, ambulance and funeral hearse)
      • Vintage Vehicle
      • Government Vehicle
      • Diplomatic/OE Vehicle
      • Used Imported/Surplus MV
      • MV with more than 4-wheel category

1. What is TOP?

 TOP means Temporary Operator’s Permit. Pursuant to Memorandum Circular No. 515-2004 dated 25 May 2004, TOP shall be used in apprehension of all violations and it is strictly required to be issued to the apprehended driver/operator at the site and time of apprehension.

2. What is an IRMV?

IRMV means Impounding Receipt of Motor Vehicle. It is issued if the motor vehicle was impounded. IRMV is accomplished by the apprehending officer and validated by the Motor Vehicle Custodian (MVC) assigned at the impounding area.

3. Can TOP be temporarily used as a driver’s license of the apprehended operator/driver?

 Yes. TOP serves as driver’s temporary license within 72 hours or 3 days only.

4. How many days is the validity of the TOP?

72 hours or 3 days is the validity of the TOP, unless specified for a shorter period of time.

5. Can TOP be extended after 72 hours or 3 days after its validity?

 No. There is no extension of TOP after 72 hours or 3 days.

6. When can an apprehended operator/driver settle his case?

 An apprehended operator/driver can settle his case within 15 days from the date of apprehension provided the apprehension is reported and encoded in the LTO-IT system.

7. What will happen if the apprehended operator/driver failed to settle his case within 15 days from the date of apprehension?

If the apprehended driver/operator failed to settle his case within 15 days from the date of apprehension, it will cause the suspension/revocation of his driver’s license.

8. Where will the apprehended operator/driver settle his case?Can he settle his case in any LTO Regional/District Office?

The place of settlement of apprehension is indicated in the TOP (middle portion). Not all apprehended operator/driver is allowed to settle his case in any LTO Regional/District Office.IF he was apprehended within Metro Manila, he will appear at the LTO Traffic Adjudication Service (TAS), Central Office, East Avenue, Quezon City to settle his case.But, if he was apprehended in other LTO Regional/District Offices, he will appear at the concerned LTO Operations Division as specified in his TOP.

Note: An apprehended operator/driver may settle his case in any LTO Regional/District Office IF his violation/s is included in the list of the “LETAS SETTLE ANYWHERE”.The Traffic Adjudication Service (TAS) / Operations Division may determine it through the LTO-IT system.

9. How does the apprehended operator/driver determine the amount of the fines/penalties as well as the accessory penalties of the violation/s indicated in the TOP?

The corresponding amount of the fines/penalties as well as the accessory penalties are determined by the Traffic Adjudication Service based on the violations specified in the TOP and through the LTO-IT system.

10. What is an Admitted Case?

An admitted case is a case wherein the apprehended operator/driver admits the violation/s cited in his TOP.

11. Can the apprehended operator/driver protest the violations charged/cited in his TOP to deny the violations and/or to lessen the payment of the fines/penalties?

 Yes. An apprehended operator/driver may protest the violations specified in the TOP. This is a contested case.

12. What is a Contested Case?

A contested case is a case wherein the apprehended operator/driver signifies his intension to oppose to the violations indicated in the TOP. It should be acted upon with dispatch by preparing the summons both for the apprehending officer and respondent. The apprehending officer shall have been summoned at least once with proof of service for clarification purposes. Violation/s listed in the TOP and/or encoded in the LTO-IT system shall be dropped/dismissed provided that the apprehended driver/operator presents sufficient documentary evidence to warrant its dismissal and/or if the violations cited in the TOP are interrelated or common.


Common violations - Obstruction and Disregarding Traffic Sign (DTS)

 Interrelated violations – Out of Line and Breach of Franchise and No Panel Route Painted

13. Can the confiscated items such as the driver’s license and/or motor vehicle plates be immediately released to the apprehended operator/driver after the payment of the fines/penalties?

Yes.The confiscated items may be immediately released after the payment of the corresponding fines/penalties provided that there is no accessory penalty/s and/or suspension indicated in the Resolution and/or Judgment. 


If the apprehended operator/driver is required to attend the seminar/exam before the release of the confiscated items, the accessory penalty is the seminar/exam.

14. Can the impounded motor vehicle be immediately released by the apprehended operator/driver after the payment of the fines/penalties?

 Yes.The motor vehicle may be released after the payment of the corresponding fines/penalties provided that there is no accessory penalty/s and/or suspension stipulated in the Resolution and/or Judgment.


If the violation is unregistered motor vehicle, the operator/driver is required to surrender first the two (2) motor vehicle license plates before the release of the apprehended unit.The accessory penalty is to register the motor vehicle before the release of the surrendered plates.

15. Who will determine as to when will the apprehended operator/driver pay the accessory fine of One Thousand Five Hundred (P/1,500.00) pesos per day for the violation of Colorum or Out of Line?

Based on Department Order No. 2008-039, the accessory fine of one thousand five hundred (P/1,500.00) pesos per day applies only to impounded motor vehicles (issued IRMV) with violation of Colorum or Out of Line. The Traffic Adjudication Service (TAS)/Operations Division determine the accessory fine of P/1,500.00 pesos per day.Collection of the said accessory fine covers the period from the time the apprehension case was encoded in the LTO-IT system (Posting Date) until the settlement of the case.

16. What is Technical Impounding?

Technical impounding is the confiscation of both the driver’s license and the two (2) motor vehicle license plates at the time of apprehension instead of impounding the motor vehicle.

17. Is the accessory fine of One Thousand Five Hundred (P/1,500.00) pesos per day also applies to Technical Impounding?

No.The accessory fine of one thousand five hundred (P/1,500.00) pesos per day does not apply to technical impounding.

18. When will a suspension of a confiscated item such as driver’s license and/or motor vehicle plate/s be lifted in order to be released?

The confiscated item/s shall only be released after serving the required suspension. 


Colorum (1st offense) violation - driver’s license and motor vehicle plates will be suspended for three (3) months.

19. Do all apprehended operator/driver required to attend/undergo the seminar and exam?

No.Not all apprehended operator/driver is required to attend/undergo the seminar and exam.Seminar and exam is an accessory penalty and only apprehended operator/driver who committed running violations such as but not limited to Disregarding Traffic Sign (DTS), Reckless, Obstruction, Illegal Parking, etc…. and private or for hire motor vehicles are required to undergo the seminar and exam.

20. What is an LES Clearance?

An LES Clearance or Law Enforcement Clearance is a Certification issued by the LTO Law Enforcement Clearance Unit to the operator and/or authorized liaison officer/personnel.

21.  When is an LES Clearance required?

LES Clearance is required only in securing duplicate motor vehicle license plate/s and windshield stickers/year tags.

22. Does an LES Clearance apply to private and for hire motor vehicles?

LES Clearance applies only to for hire motor vehicles.

23. Is an LES Clearance a requirement in securing a duplicate Driver’s License (DL) /Official Receipt (OR) / Certificate of Registration (CR)?

No. An LES Clearance is not a requirement in securing a duplicate DL/OR/CR.



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